08 outubro 2004

Vale a pena ler.

1. O Preço da Liberdade, por Miguel Sousa Tavares, no Público de hoje.

2. This has allowed them to engage in what Orwell called "reality control." In the world according to the Bush administration, our leaders are infallible, and their policies always succeed. If the facts don't fit that assumption, they just deny the facts.
As a political strategy, reality control has worked very well. But as a strategy for governing, it has led to predictable disaster. When leaders live in an invented reality, they do a bad job of dealing with real reality. (...)
The point is that in the real world, as opposed to the political world, ignorance isn't strength. A leader who has the political power to pretend that he's infallible, and uses that power to avoid ever admitting mistakes, eventually makes mistakes so large that they can't be covered up. And that's what's happening to Mr. Bush.

in Ignorance Isn't Strength, By PAUL KRUGMAN, The New York Times.

Uma pequena ajuda na tradução: onde se lê Bush, coloquem Pedro Santana Lopes, se fazem favor.