28 maio 2005

No prato



Blogger Wictoria said...

"1 on line" => it's me !

I come every week on your site.... marvellous journey !

See you soon...

9:20 da tarde  
Blogger papelpautado said...

you have a really nice page, I like your art taste.

10:09 da tarde  
Blogger Wictoria said...

"pormaresyderiertos" have find my blog first and let me a comment.
I came to see her blog, it's look like yours...so that, I gave her your link...
I'm glad to see, she like also what is on your blog !

Sometimes, she comes to see what is on mine, but I only write in french !
Howerver, I can answer to the comment in english... But I'm sure, I make a lot of mistakes, because I don't remember all I've learned at school... it's so far along...
Bye !

11:03 da tarde  

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